Saturday - 10 10 2020

Why I go on stage

It all started 5 years ago. I told myself:

Do nails with heads and invest in yourself and your art!

You can really put off the really important things for years. Do you know why? Because the really important things are usually the hard ones.

For me it’s to go public with my art.

Back then I was looking for people to orientate myself by.

I looked on the Internet for personalities who achieved great things, even though their living conditions were much harder than mine. I read biographies of people who had realized their goals and had outgrown themselves.

That was the first time I came into contact with the speaker scene. I was reminded of the power of words and discovered the art of oratory.

Yes, I am a painter with heart and soul, but my first love was words.

I love to formulate thoughts with words and to open up spaces in other people with stories. Because everything begins in the head. Up there is our laboratory. In the beginning there is always a new thought.

5 years fast forward in time.

It is the 31.102020.

I speak at the Online Festival of Greator (formerly Gedankentanken) with my Keynote.

My motivation?

To encourage others not to put their heart’s desires on the back burner.

And to stand up for my convictions.

And to do things properly.

If you want to be a part of it and hear me live, click here and sign up for the free online conference.

Next to me as “New Face” you can hear the world’s greatest speakers!

There I meet again those who opened the doors in my head 5 years ago:

Byron Katie, Marisa Peer, Jim Kwik, Stefanie Stahl and many others.

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