Thursday - 12 11 2020

Survive emotions

I survived it!

Some of you have followed it live on Saturday 31.10., as I made the step to the Greator stage. Surrounded by three cameras, photographers, video people and my performance coach and the audience, I delivered my keynote.

It was more emotional than I thought.

Like any other great challenge, this experience provided valuable insights.

Strive for progress not perfection, that was already part of the message of the lecture, but I was allowed to experience this myself once I lost the thread and was overwhelmed by my own emotions.

Nobel Prize winner Harari Yuval says in an interview that art has a direct effect on our brain chemistry because art releases emotions and emotions control our lives.

Art therefore has a prominent role for our health and our attitude towards life.

My conclusion was: I am allowed to show more feeling, also in painting. My message is better received when it is communicated with emotion.

The enjoyment of art is not only an optical phenomenon.

Beauty evokes feelings. Beauty is like a distillation of your own feelings and your encounter with the world.

I notice this again and again when I discover beautiful color combinations. It evokes feelings of happiness in me. What better word is there than “feast for the eyes”!

To show feelings connects us.
It depends on the emotional charge of your gestures, not on the content alone.
Dare to show yourself, that gives others the permission to do the same.

For my dear english speaking audience I will soon deliver the english version of the keynote held in my studio!

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