Tuesday - 26 05 2020

Naked work

Abstract is a bit like naked!

Figurative painting and drawing can be learned. It is a long way, which leads to mastery with much practice. Parallel to this there is another process, which is about discovering your own inner voice. In order to get to the bottom of the secret of beauty, I have to get fully involved. Whether representational or abstract, art is about showing yourself. You can also hide behind any form. But in order to get ahead, you have to leave your hiding place. So what I do in my studio also has to do with the search for truth. I work on making my representational paintings more painterly and abstract, on making them more open to the imagination. If you look at nature carefully, every form is abstract in some way, at the latest when you look at it from a great distance or close up. In art, basically everything consists of spots, surfaces, strokes that serve to evoke an emotion. It’s like alchemy.

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