Monday - 19 10 2020

My heros

Me and my heroes

People leave traces behind.

Of course I also wondered:

Do I have anything new to say that one of the many luminaries would not have already said?

I could ask myself the same question with regard to painting!

Is there anything new to add? Everything has already been painted! Why paint more pictures when there are already so many?

These thoughts are knockout thoughts.

Their only effect is that you don’t say the words that are on the tip of your tongue and don’t paint the pictures that you see in front of your inner eye.

Emily Fletcher taught me meditation.

Byron Katie showed me that resistance to reality causes pain.

With Michael Rossie I was able to experience how humorous communication works.

Stefanie Stahl encouraged me to give my inner child a home.

With Jim Kwik I share my mad love for learning.

Dieter Lange shares my spiritual roots.

And René Borbonus shows me that we can also stand on stage as introverts.

Personal growth needs role models.

I have many role models.

Even in my immediate vicinity.

I also go on stage to say thank you.

It counts what you say, no matter how many have said it before you.

You count.

On 31.10. at 19.15 I will give my keynote at the International Online Festival. If you would like to be there, you can register here for free and enjoy listening to more than 150 speakers of all kinds. And me.

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