Sunday - 04 10 2020

Beautiful shapes

Beautiful shapes wherever you look.
I can enjoy beautiful surfaces. No idea what this pleasure is called.
We are always torn between the desire to recognize something in a picture and being free to make up our own mind.
The other day I had a customer in my studio who bought two paintings. Both were figurative representations, in one of them the face was not quite finished. He said: “Never mind, I think that’s just fine, then I can add something myself. I can imagine the face.
The picture is created between the painting and the viewer.
We make a picture of the painting.
The physicist Heisenberg says that you can’t look at anything without interfering. As soon as we look at something, we change it. I find that incredibly fascinating. That already says how great our power is to change reality. Considering the fact that we often have the feeling of being overwhelmed by reality, I find this absolutely hopeful.

I think this just as I’m standing at the airport and looking at a window pane on which the film coating has come off a little.
I ask myself how this wear and tear effect came about.
Anyway, it is a welcome change in the functional surfaces of metal, plastic and glass.

When we paint, we can create the same fascination between recognition and invention by giving up control in between. Even if we undo something or make it unrecognizable.
If we leave something open. Then we invite the viewer to complete the picture in his imagination.

In observing, a lot happens. It is a process of perception that has an incredible value.

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That´s our way to bend reality 🙂

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