Sunday - 04 10 2020

Art and immunity

My thesis is that making art, in whatever way, strengthens our defenses.

The world out there bombards us every minute with impressions, circumstances and challenges. We constantly have to cope with something. The world does not leave us alone. We have to build up an immunity against negativity and fear. Art can do that. That’s why art is essential for survival.

At the beginning of 2020, I once wished that the world would stop for a moment.

I was sitting at my kitchen table at the end of February, had just finished the master class painting, my online course, after 12 weeks of intensive work and thought how good it would be to take a break and process everything. Then came Corona and my wishes were somehow fulfilled in an unthinkable way.

Corona stopped all my activities and suddenly I was alone with my art in my big studio. I suddenly had time to think about what I wanted and what would fulfill me.

The world is just the raw material for me.
We have to do something with it, otherwise it does something to us.
Otherwise the world will literally fall into us and besiege us, crush us and repress our deep inner core.
The creative self takes the world and shapes it. Making art gives air to the soul.
The creative self takes the world as raw material and changes it.

Creativity strengthens the immune system.


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That´s our way to bend reality 🙂

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