Samstag - 24 07 2021

Art and memory

My mother used to collect fabrics and from them she sewed our clothes until our youth. Nothing was thrown away, everything was processed.
The very old things were „gutted“ like an old house:
Zippers were cut out and buttons were cut off. Old denim pants were saved for later as mending material. At some point she discovered patchwork and was able to express her creativity in these free works. Patchwork woeks actually like abstract art. You work with colored patches and create patterns from different colored areas.
I also do a kind of patchwork when I work with collage. My passion is collecting papers.
Each paper carries a memory. From some papers I can tell stories like my mother told the story of the particular fabric. She can even recall her own feelings from the fabrics. For her, the fabrics are like an archive of memories of a richly lived life that was also marked by hardship and loss and, above all, by great compassion for people.
In my mixed media collage SIEBZEHN JAHR BLONDES HAAR, I use an old sheet of music paper that happened to fall into my hands while I was working. I don’t consciously work with memories. It’s more that they creep into my work without me consciously directing it. The work also contains other traces that make sense to me. Patterns, children’s drawings and letters. I can relate to all of it.
But for you as a viewer counts: Do I like/don’t like it.
If you don’t like it, it doesn’t help to tell you all the stories. Or would that change your perception?
If you like it, you may much rather invent your own stories to it or even enjoy the abstract composition without any story at all as a pure language of forms.
Because art is not an illustration of a literal story, but has its own language.

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