Online Training

The idea is to learn at your own pace! It’s functional and has a number of advantages. E-learning is the most progressive form of learning today.

This online-program consists of:

  • Course units in video format
  • Course material and work assignments are downloadable
  • Image viewing via a Facebook group
  • Interaction with other artists via Facebook
  • Online Life Coaching

The Online Painting Course covers the following areas:

  • Classic Painting techniques for all artistic media, with focus on acrylic and oil painting
  • Image design for representational and abstract painting
  • Material Science
  • Step by step guide for different genres
  • How do I find my own style?

The advantages of these trainings are:

  • Independence in time and location
  • Lessons can be repeated any number of times

The next masterclass painting online-course will start in the beginning of October!
If you would like to be added to the waiting list of you wish to obtain more information, please write to me here under the keyword: Online Training
Keyword: Online Training

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