insa hoffmann

visual artist Preview

Painting is the way I connect with reality. I found out that other ways are much less meaningful for me. Perceptions create a response and a desire to understand: like a call I have to follow.

The abstract and the representational are developping side by side in my work. Freedom is gained on both ends.

Art classes/Mentoring

Meine besondere Fähigkeit liegt darin, Menschen zu inspirieren, zu motivieren und kreative Blockaden zu lösen. Jeder Mensch hat seine individuelle Ausstattung an kreativen Zugängen. Diese zu erkennen und dem Menschen zurückzuspiegeln, ist meine Aufgabe als Lehrerin.

sea scape
The practice of artmaking means to learn and to exercise certain skills that enable us to catch up with the essence of life, symbolized by the image of the surfer who rides the wave perfectly balanced. Being fully connected and totally free is the hidden goal behind all the efforts of training for me.

Commissions / Art on Demand/ Kunst im Auftrag

Kunst aussuchen nach Größe, Motiv und Stilrichtung


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